Friday, August 19, 2005

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!! Yippie!!!!! Time to party. I've been waiting for so long for this day to arrive. It's strange, for some reason i feel really super exicited when Friday arrive. As if i have a time bomb within me waiting to explode. As for now, i gotta run ( i have no idea, whee i'm gonna head, it's boozing time. Adios folks, have a FANTASTIC weekend!:)

Friday Freak,

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thursday ( phew!) I'm glad it's over. Work was overwhelming today. Everyone wants a piece of me. AAAAArrrrrgggghhhhh!!!! I hate it when that happens. I was so tense, i swear i could feel my shoulder hardening and needless to say, my back was killing me.

To make matter worst, today my collleuge were all busy packing ( all because they have to make way for the new carpeting which will be done over the weekend). God! The sound of those boxes and the masking tape, just drives me isane!!! It's as if there's a war going on, and i was left alone to defend myself!!!!

Gosh! I just pray that tomorrow will be less painful ( altho i have my doubts). I'm tired. Really tired. I wish i could just be somewhere else, doing bartendering or arranging some books in some old library. Atleast it's something close to what i like.

Sometimes i really wonder why i subject myself to this. Is it all worth it? I dunno. I don't know why i'm doing it or why i'm here? I guess, like many others i'm just taking the road that's most travelled. Hopefully, when i have enough courage, i'll try the road less travelled.

Till then, this traveller will continue her walks as far as her feet can carry her.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Let me begin with a big smile he..he.. since they say, it's uplifting for the weary. Well, today feeling much better as compared to yesterday. Still aint sleeping well, but atleast i've got thru MONDAY!!!!! Yippie!! One down, four more to go.

It's lunch time now. Hmmm... what shall i have for lunch? or even for dinner tonite?
The answers to the above questions....... (drum roll) CEREAL BAR!!!!! Yup, cereal bar. Uncle Toby's.....sob..sob...

Why bother you may ask? I It's just that it's been such a long time since i last challenge myself to do anything. So i'm just checking to see if maturity (err.....older ...yes...mature... i have my doubts..ha..ha) has increase my level of self discipline.

Let the game begin.....
It's monday. A black sombre Monday. Feeling shitty, havent been sleeping well for the past one week so am feeling like a zombie right now. Had friends over last weekend for dinner, kinda drank too much ( can't resist the idea that i don't have to worry bout driving and now lo and behold, i'm suffering the consequences of it, injured my leg.

Yup, for those of you who are wondering why i'm limping today... there's your answer.Alchohol is the root to all evil. LOL.....NOT!!!!!!

I can't wait for today to end....

P/S: sorry for the choppiness in the writing, aint thinking straight right now.

anxiously yours,